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Cherbourg-Octeville, the sea in the heart of the city

Cherbourg-Octeville takes up a privileged geographic position at the end of Cotentin peninsula, an advanced peak in the right in the middle of the Channel.

It owes its shipping vocation to Vauban who first admitted the "daring" position of the city.

A fishing, commercial, military and passenger harbour at the same time, Cherbourg became quickly a transatlantic port of call for the biggest liners.

The life good point in Cherbourg-Octeville can be appreciated by walking on the Chantereyne marina, in parks and gardens, in the restored districts or along the smart illuminated embankments made by Yann Kersalé.

Cherbourg-Octeville can be also discovered by letting yourself guided by the boundary stones of its walking paths, of its historical ways or by skilled speaker guides...

Today, Cherbourg is an international marina which welcomes the biggest boat events (Course du Figaro, Challenge Mondial Assistance, Cutty Sark, …). It is an art city with its Italian-style theatre, its art and history museums, its Sainte-Trinité basilica, Saint-Martin church, the Ravalet castle or the City of the Sea.

The city presents all types of restaurants, cafés, pubs and shops. There are a colorful market and splendid places made for relaxation. If you need more information, you can go on the Cherbourg tourist office website:

The City of the Sea "La Cité de La Mer"

The City of the Sea in Cherbourg is an inevitable family park in Normandy where the great ocean adventure is lived. Live an unforgettable moment with “The Titanic, back in Cherbourg” *: a journey in which the legendary liner will reveal all its secrets…

In the majestic Art deco luggage hall, walk on the European emigrants’ steps and redraw your own story by searching for your roots! Then get aboard the Redoutable** in company with its Captain and discover the biggest submarine you can visit in the world.

Finally the deepest abyssal aquarium in Europe and the 16 other aquariums will make you travel through the oceans with our 1200 surprising fishes… Plan a whole day for a visit, there are more information on: !

The Cotentin Peninsula

The Cotentin peninsula is in the north-west coast of the country, in the Manche department in the Lower Normandy.

Lined in the north, from east to west by the sea, The Manche department forms a peninsula.

It is a piece which should have detached from the Armorican mountain which is at present Brittany and which further to the earth’s crust movements and the sea work should have been remote.

The highest region is in north-west from the Hague peak to the Nez de Jobourg which overhangs at 184m.